Raccoon Retail

Oopsy! Clumsy ​customers are making a big mess and it's your job to keep the supermarket clean. Drive around, collect trash and empty it in the dumpster. The faster you clean to more money you earn. Upgrade your retail store to increase your revenue. 

Driving a cleaning van is part of the enjoyable supermarket maintenance game Raccoon Retail. I think raccoons are wonderful creatures. They take the food in their adorable little hands and eat leisurely. The unfortunate part is that by the mess they leave behind, you can tell when one of them has visited your garden.

Imagine a grocery store filled with raccoons that are continually stealing food from the aisles and making a massive mess on the floor. You will be the supermarket's cleaning boy today. You have a cleaning vehicle, which will make your job easier, which is fantastic news.


How to play

Using Mouse

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