Ice Breaker

Nitrome created the physics-based puzzle game Ice Breaker. In this game, players must use a limited amount of instruments to carefully slice through the ice in order to release captive Vikings from their icy captivity.

In Ice Breaker, players must break through the ice to free the Vikings while avoiding dangers and obstacles. Ropes and bombs are among the items that players can utilize to help lead the Vikings to safety. The game includes numerous kinds of ice blocks with unique properties, such as bouncing ice, explosive ice, and slippery ice, which makes the puzzles more difficult and intricate.


The levels of Ice Breaker vary in difficulty and each one presents a different conundrum that must be solved. To get the best score and save every viking, players must carefully arrange their cuts and interactions with the surroundings. The physics engine of the game creates realistic interactions and gives the gameplay a random element.

Players can play Ice Breaker on their smartphones and tablets because it has been made available for mobile platforms as well as browsers.

Positive feedback has been given to the game for its fun gameplay, astute level design, and endearing graphics. With its ice-cutting mechanics and viking premise, it delivers a novel take on the puzzle subgenre and gives players a satisfying and difficult experience.


How to play

Using Mouse

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