Crowd Run 3D

A 3D game is a game that uses 3-D computer graphics to create an intuitive immersive gameplay experience. These games often require powerful hardware and processing power for smooth rendering. 3D games can be of different genres, such as action, adventure, racing and sports.

Crowd Run 3D is a famous mobile game of the endless running game genre. In the game, the player controls a character running through an obstacle course. The character has to jump over or slide under various obstacles to avoid them. The game is called "Crowd Run" because the character is running through a crowded city and there are other people running with the player character.

The game is played in 3D, meaning the obstacles and cityscapes are rendered in three dimensions, giving the game a more immersive and realistic feel. As the player completes the game, the difficulty increases and the obstacles become harder to avoid. The game also features power-ups that players can collect to help them run faster or jump higher.

In this 3D action-packed puzzle runner you have to guide your group of characters through a tough obstacle course, filled with dangerous traps. While making your way through this dangerous fields, you have to watch out not to lose too many of the characters! 

How to play

Using Mouse

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